DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 10 - A Spirit Awoken

Kinra has fainted. Saving her is a priority, the fellowship needs her. How will I explain this to the elder?’ These thoughts circle his brain several times over, while the adrenaline pushes him back to the Temple. His knowledge of the forest serves him well, as he deftly maneuvers through paths that the two of them helped beat into the earth over the years. The circumstances of the attack on Kinra prevented him from realizing the change. The trip between their meager campsite and the village normally requires some time to complete, but this time it did not. Those that witnessed his arrival at the village noticed the faint essence of power, which diminished soon after he exited the jungle path. Rushing to his aid, the villagers carried Kinra to a shaman’s room, knowing better than to wait to ask questions about the injury. They hurriedly laid Kinra on one of the cots, beginning to inspect her. It was then that he noticed he was tired. His surroundings begin to go black as his mind quickly slides into unconsciousness. Unaware that his body now lie flat on the ground he had just tread upon, he is greeted by one of the floating faces he had occasionally seen before in his dreams. This time though, it approached, separating itself from the other strange visages and gradually growing in size. A warm smile lifts the features of this face, which in previous dreams had remained composed. For the first time it spoke, with a voice that sounds like soft whispers in the air. “Turayne. At last, I have awoken within. We should begin” it pleads, looking unto the boy expectantly. Unsure of how to respond, he thinks for a moment before gently nodding at the floating face. The rest of the face’s body begins to manifest and the specter continues its instruction. “Relax and free your thoughts, become listless and formless…” The boy, suddenly comatose, is admitted to a bed of his own near Kinra, remaining there long after her wounds are healed.



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