DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 14 - Scouts Compromised

The missive had been received only some days ago. It was the first lead the Council had on the Conjurer. The house he would travel with had been spotted southeast of Neverwinter. This is where their abilities came in. She whispers “Larion, track that fellow who frequents the Lustre Bell at 4:45. I found out from the pianist that he may have spotted the house that fits the description.” Her older brother, carefully revealing a thin raised eyebrow accompanied by a warm smile which vanishes after her eyes meet his. “You never cease to amaze me Gwen. He won’t know I’m there until he has no escape.” He covers his face once more, picking up his pace to reach the establishment. Retrieving the information from a mere commoner was a child’s game, he had the location within the hour. Wasting no time to conduct an investigation of grave import, they vacate the city out of the large East gate of Neverwinter.

They made great haste. Despite the cooler temperatures that were setting in, they managed to make good time to the hill where the home had been detected. The results were excellent, the stone home with a small chimney and only two front windows accompanied by a large reinforced wooden door lay before them atop a hill near the mountainous terrain only a mile east.

Gwen: “We don’t have time, we should apprehend the Conjurer before he realizes he’s been found.” Larion meets her gaze before nodding in agreement, “He may have a guard, it would be wise to disable him quickly. I’ll take center.” She plays a quick song, hoping to empower Larion, but this was enough to seal their fate. The raven, hearing the song, quickly alerts its master while the two elves make their way to the front of the house on the hill. Larion, adept in the more intricate arts, breaks the lock after a few seconds and swings open the door. Massive, hairy, grotesque hands reach out from the other side of the door, seizing Larion while pulling him inside. Gwen’s eyes grow wide as Larion struggles to free himself from the creature’s grasp, she wastes no time running in to save her dear brother from the clutches of certain doom.



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