DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 15 - A Dreadful Ally

After some contemplation, he decided to cease struggling against the cloaked people that had interrupted his meal. The bindings they used were heavy and uncomfortable, and they had wrapped his head by a bag, making breathing difficult. What’s worse is they found his treasure… the glorious treasure he had worked so hard to collect all these years. If he had the chance he would devour each and every one of them. He was being escorted silently, and while they moved him, he knew that he must be determined to find a some way to break all of the cowards who shackled him. He paused realizing the irony; It had been a while since he was able to think about things with some rationale. ‘Wasn’t the last time when I met those guys, and I let them live?’ he thought to himself, growing nostalgic of the life he left behind in pursuit of greater treasure and food. The four people walking him suddenly stopped, and held him from moving forward. Without the sense of sight, a large door creaked open slowly, and a dreadful cold washed over his body. His mind made a futile effort to grasp at a reason for the sudden chill, ‘It’s a bit early for this kind of wintry bite isn’t it?’ He remains silent as they bring him forward into the frigid lair.

Gusts of wind batter occasionally lash at his person as he continues forward. The cold does not abate, and begins to chill his bones. After a few dozen paces, one of the captors removes the bag covering his head. The first look engulfed his mind with terror, but he fought to regain control of his faculties. He must remain stern and dedicated to his newfound purpose. The creature’s menacing face twists as it turns its head toward him.

“Greetings, Togra. You’ve quite the will to behold me in my natural form and remain standing still. I’ll not waste much of your time. Do you know where we are?” Togra spits at the ground, “You’ve held me as a hostage with a bag over my head until now. Nobody would know where they were. I assume I’ve being held captive at Neverwinter.” Togra takes the time to glance around the room, realizing the room is nearly completely devoid of light. Many armed men held their weapon at the ready, and he grunts after surveying them. ‘I won’t have a chance here, there’s too many of them, and I’m still bound’ he thinks to himself. The creature squints, as if peering through the troll, “An accurate response, with one exception, you are far from Neverwinter. The Winterian capital is our goal though, so I’m glad we share apathy for it. I brought you here in hopes we could form an alliance.” Togra shakes his head, “What would a creature like you need from me?” The creature’s face twists to portray a hideous smile, “My organization is always in need of find soldiers like yourself. Help me rid the world of Neverwinter and I will provide you with ample treasure and food.” Togra looks down at himself and then at some of the cloaked individuals that stand motionless before finally turning back to the creature. “Alright, I’ll do it. But if I find a better offer, I’m taking it.” The creature grins menacingly at replies in a darker tone, “Will you now? Such baseless confidence. I can assure you that you won’t find a better offer than mine. After all… beyond the food and treasure, there is your life.” Togra nods and a small black bird rests on the raised dais near the creature, staring intently at him. The creature continues, “After you have succeeded on your first mission, I will award you the brand of our organization. I look forward to your cooperation, Togra.” Togra pauses for a moment, weighing his options before deciding to pose the question. “…What is the name of your organization?” The creature relaxes and begins to change shape, slowly shifting to become a white haired, human male with a thin, sharp and clean face that maintains a steady gaze onto the troll. “We… are the Dread.”



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