DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 16 - A Rift in the Force

Left to his own thoughts in the dark, he began to think about the purpose of the training he had undergone with the creature. Was it really training after all? The scriptures read at the Force mentioned nothing about the process through which self discovery is achieved. It felt like this event was the revelation, but how would he know? He was confined in what he assumed was his own mind, left to his thoughts in some place entirely secluded from the world. He was afforded a silent comfort that he had never experienced before, but at the cost of segregation from society and other life. The same thoughts danced on his mind, and without any other recourse, he waited.

The darkness finally began to fade. He was not able to see right away, but instead began to hear. It began as warped echoes of sounds, and slowly became more clear as the darkness became softer. He opened his eyes, attempting to perceive his surroundings. His blurry vision became more focused as time passed, and identifying differences between objects and people around him became easier. After some hours, he was greeted by an officer and instructor of the Force. “Welcome back Turayne. You have survived your trial, and returned to us a Farratira. I’m sure you’re still somewhat disoriented, but let me personally thank you. Struggles such as yours ensure the safety of our people.” The instructor patted his hand, reminding him of the sense of touch. He bowed to the patient, gently saying “Farragila, chosen one” before turning and making his leave. It was then that he noticed he wasn’t alone.

Onlookers from the village anxiously peered at him from the visiting seats, whispering amongst themselves. Most seemed excited when he turned to meet their gaze, but others somberly observed the patient in the bed next to his. He recognized Kinra laying on this bed, seemingly in a deep sleep. ‘She must still be in shock from her wounds’ he thought to himself, rolling his head forward. Sighing deeply, he began the troublesome task of reconnecting his mind with his muscles. Within hours, he managed to pull himself out of bed. He set off to find the Elder.

Turayne knew that the Tall room is always open, even when not guarded by the Elder. Statues of Farratira and other notables line the hallway entrance to the room, reminding its visitors of the great Force warriors that lived. Old scripture and portraits decorate the room, detailing the history of their sect and the relationship with the Doravani commoners. He soon found the mat that the Elder frequently used for meditation. Maintaining a meditative state, the Elder asks as he approaches, “Up so soon? What I would expect of our next soul of talent.” The Elder opens his eyes, awaiting a response.

“I do not believe I am the next Farratira. The adults say that Kinra is the one. There must be some mistake” Turayne replies feebly, afraid of the Elder’s response. The Elder laughs loudly, rising from the meditative stance he had assumed on the mat. “You doubt your own power? You did not merely slip into a coma these past weeks. You experienced a trial of awakening, and succeeded. With some additional practice, you can call upon the power of the Force.” Turayne shakes his head, “It was unlike what was said in the teachings. I never came across an impassable structure.” The Elder strokes his long beard, pondering the circumstance. “The trials faced are somewhat different from person to person. Fret not about the trial Turayne. All will become clear to you when you have begun your true training. For now, you should get some rest, your body cannot be strong enough to continue this conversation.” Turayne, realizing he was right, took his leave of the Elder that day, and slept well that day and night.



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