DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 17 - An Unkind Tether

Not aging has its benefits. Endless skies can be reached, boundless opportunities and adventures are possible. The spheres of wind and snow, ice and cold, the embrace which covers all can be experienced for all time. It was one of the perks of being in a seat of great power, and also one of the downfalls. For immortality is a ruinous state, truly an affliction, imposed on those of ‘great’ status. This thought has been my own since that day. The day my brothers, sister and I fell from grace.

The Aasimar were capable of more than they let on, of course. Instead of ending our existences, they sought to ensnare them. ‘What if we had won?’ is a favorite question I pose before myself, left to few other devices. ‘What if we had never left the chateau?’ has become a more common question lately. Our freedom was placed on the line to gain some resource rich planet, hardly worth the risk. We never took the opportunity to consider our actions. I assume, we now rest in chambers that scant mortals dare open. After all, that’s all I’ve seen since my capture. None of them could hold a candle to the power that I still have some dominion over. Biding time wasn’t a habit of mine previously, but you’re not left much choice in captivity. Occasionally, I could cause some of them to surrender information before I disposed of them… over some time I came to realize that they were likely still safe, albeit sealed away. That has been enough to keep me sane.

Recently, however, I have been beset by some terrible curse. Ethereal chains have appeared within my confines, burying inside of me, draining my power. I could feel what I like to think is weakness, a vulnerability. I now rest longer, move less, but most noticeably, I feel my dominion slipping from me. A cruel development I can only imagine is sourced at the Aasimar. Each day, I feel myself slowly losing to the chains I cannot break free from, within a cell I cannot escape. ‘If only we had stayed at the chateau…’ I think to myself, drawing my attention away from the incessant stinging of the chains. ‘If only I could meet them again….’



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