DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 18 - Solemn Whisper | Silent Oath

The thought of reaching out weighed on her mind heavily. It had been some time before they had spoken, and even when they had it was very brief. She didn’t know much about Sören, basically a friend of the family that she had briefly made the acquaintance of before the great ordeal that had slighted her family and the other druids and rangers. She knew it was time to reach out, but somehow actually going through with it weighed on her conscious. Unable to evacuate the thought from her mind, she paced the room, trying to calm herself. ‘What would she do if Sören would not respond? What if silence is the only response I receive?’

She had had enough. Since the ordeal, her confidence and conviction had waned, but this was the last of it. Jostling herself, she tried to regain a grip on reality; after all, it was unlike her to idly contemplate her actions. It was simply the time to do, and face the consequences. She walked forward, reached out and whispered the name she had known well, but not personally. “Sören”.

She was met with silence. She resolutely watched for a minute, and hung her head dejectedly realizing Sören would not respond to her. “Why? How could this be? Sören has been a prized member of our family for some generations… am I not worthy?” she thought to herself, an overwhelming sadness swelling within her. It was then that she remembered why she needed to reach out. The family’s geis must be upheld, and there was none other but her that could carry the burden. Anger filled her at the lack of a response from Sören, and she called the name once more in a complete confidence that was purely her own in days past.

After a moment, she hears the low voice, shuddering in joy and surprise. “Child. What need you?” She pauses, carefully choosing her words. “Sören, we must make a pact. The family quest, is mine to carry on. Will you lend me your aid?” Sören shifts in front of her and replies favorably, “I sense in you the greatness of the line, I am yours to command. Do with me what you will, Child.” Energetically, she grasps Sören, unable to hold back a wide smile, one filled with hope.

‘I will not let them succeed.’



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