DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 8 - The Elemental Esteemed Part 2

“Maggie, this is the last time, it’s time for bed!” her mother calls from the first floor with a tone of finality in her voice. She then recalls the story from last night, and makes a plea: “Mother, you still have to tell the rest of the elemental story!” Maggie’s mother sighs deeply as she approaches the room, but her countenance becomes cheerful after seeing her daughter’s smile after she arrives to tuck Maggie in. ?Very well, we should continue the story.? Maggie excitedly leaps into bed, as her mother tucks her in. ?Dear, what was the last part you remember?? Maggie replies, ?I think the earth one? You haven’t mentioned Ignia yet! She’s my favorite.? Her mother nods in agreement ?Yes child, it seems you’re always on fire, never a dull moment!? Maggie giggles at this and her mother begins to recall the rest of the ancient fable.

Ignia of the fire, the next to arrive to Faerun, brought with her the fury of flame. A great volcano, which until then had been dormant, erupted with lava. Only the gods can guess to her goal, for she lashed out randomly at those around her. The last to appear was Aquia of the water, who brought the wrath of tsunamis and ceaseless rain to Faerun. Her goal, to drench the land and allow all to be made her new domain. The elementals, full of vigor, began a vicious assault on the land’s inhabitants, whom had been left weakened by the senseless war they had engaged in amongst themselves. Seeking a shred of hope, those that were able to fight sought to rally under a single banner, to rid the land of this peril strewn before them. The angels, with the admissions of the numerous other races of people present, formed a pact, assembling under the name Aspecia. The tenants, wholly divine and with merit, were to protect their brothers, safeguard the lane, and seal the elemental threats.

Aspecia, raised their flag under the most capable of the time, an Aasimar by the name of Zenith Luminescia. This angel, realizing that their chance of actually defeating the monumental threats before them, sought aid from his patron deity. In response, the gods bestowed a divine gift unto him, stones capable of capturing and sealing the essence of the elementals. An Aasimar’s life is a necessary catalyst to activate the sealing power of the stones. Zenith, fittingly calling the stones ‘Aspecia Stones’, gave one of the stones to each of his brothers and sisters, those who had steeled themselves for the fight. Epic combat ensued against the elemental monstrosities. The Aasimar completed their holy rituals to become part of the stone, and thus act as the agent and catalyst to bond the elementals to themselves. Striking at opportune times and looking for openings in their enemy’s guard, each of these holy agents was able to fulfill the holy mission set before them.

The Aasimar of Aspecia still safeguard the realms in which the elementals are sealed. Legend has it, that they still stir, plotting a moment where they might return. Heroes have undertaken noble quests to use Aspecia stones to enter these realms. None have returned to tell tales of the creatures defeats. Although the location of the statues has been lost in time, they still tell a tale of sacrifice. We must never forget that we, as people, share an unbreakable bond, lest we succumb to darkness. Our ties, that which unite us as people, will allow us to survive and flourish, and resist the tug of evil. The Aspecia Aasimar shall be forever remembered and honored.

Maggie’s soft snoring interrupts her mother’s conclusion of the legend of the Elemental Esteemed. Smiling once more at her daughter, Maggie’s mother decides to retire once more this evening. Convinced that the story is but a myth of struggles that occurred in ancient days, she closes her eyes and prepares to rest. Maggie’s mother, much like the rest of those that live on Faerun, do not know of the locations of the statues that still exist to this day.



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