DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

The Spider's Web

The door opens slowly, allowing the light to fill the hallway of worked stone outside of his sanctum. He knew his visitor all to well, and a grin stretches across his face as he greets his visitor. “Vyerith! Good to have you back. I presume the journey wasn’t too taxing for you?” The drow replies swiftly, “Of course not, Master. There were complications however.” The grin suddenly leaves his face as he replies sternly. “Pray tell, what sort of complications?” “The King had visitors, some individuals based in Phandalin. They had noticed me in this form, but I was able to escape.” The man snorts in response to this, “I’m sure the King dealt with them. Did you receive the map?” She shakes her head, causing the man to pound his fist on the table he is seated at. “We can’t allow the cave’s location to be known. What about the dwarf that found the map?” “The King continues to torture him, I know not why. I can assure you though, he won’t leave the castle while the King reigns. He has grown rather sadistic since you gave him his crown.” She smirks, knowing full well the capabilities of the item that this man had produce. “I suppose that’s true. Still, we must not dawdle. The forge rests somewhere in this cave, I must have its power.” She replies confidently, “Yes master. It will be yours soon. Shall I resume my post at this time?” “Yes, do so. Continue to keep this information from the Dread.” She smiles deviously and begins to make her leave. “As you wish, master.”



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