Balasar Dardendrian

Dragonborn Barbarian, Berserker


Balasar is the sole survivor of a massacre on his mountain village, which was burned to the ground by Dragonborn followers of the evil dragon goddess, Tiamat. In the chaos, his parents and sister were murdered. The event has created a deep hatred within him for the goddess and her people, as Balasar’s village only committed the crime of worshiping Bahaumet.

As a martial barbarian and tribal nomad, he has learned the ways of many blades, from maces to swords and glaives. Living in the wilderness during his adolescence, he knows how to live off the land and find everything he needs, including shelter, food, and tools. His lifestyle has made him a loner, as he often prefers to fight one on one or one versus many to test his strengths, very often going beyond his own limits. He also doesn’t prefer to be on the inside of villages and cities if he can’t help it; he believes that the strong must provide for themselves and that relying on others too heavily is a sign of weakness.

Finally what would be considered an adult Dragonborn by his deceased people at the age of fifteen, he now seeks the power and strength of a true warrior to seek revenge on Tiamat’s followers.

Balasar Dardendrian

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