Elf Cleric of Apollo


Sara grew up in a well off temple in a small town. She was raised to believe that everything she should do should be for the good of the common people. And taught the ways of the Cleric by the Cleric in the temple, her father. Her father was set to retire from the temple and Sara was set to take his place. She slowly started taking over some of his duties and in doing so she learned that the Temple wasn’t what she thought it was. She learned that the temple was stealing from the common people in the town, they weren’t doing everything they could for the people of the town and her father turned a blind eye to it all. After a big confrontation with the temple and exposing them to the towns people, she left in search of a new life. Because of all this she is wary of people. She dropped her last name as she is ashamed of her family. She hopes to settle down and start up her own temple, until that day she vowed to go out and help others and do whatever it takes to make this a safe place for the common people.

On her journey’s she realized how well off the Temple was and how used to the finer things she was. Her first few months as an adventurer were hard for her. With no money, no place to call home, and a broken heart, she prayed to Apollo often. Many times she thought to give up, but doing small things for other townsfolk and Apollo made her keep going. Pretty soon she raised enough money so she could stay in Inn’s and she was starting to feel better.

She then received a quest to go with others and find a man named Gundren. She thought hard about accepting the quest, knowing it would be hard to work with others and trust her life in others hand. But knew she needed to. She would put her life on the line for anyone in need of help and no challenge is to hard with Apollo on her side.


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