DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 5 - A Playful Pixie

She couldn’t help but laugh then. They were still so unawares of her, but he had touched her shoulder so suddenlylike! The walking ones were certainlylike confused by the artpiece. So much fun this game is! Waiting until they turn the picture away is a sneakylike way to trick these ones more. These walking ones are so much more interestingly thany the dragony ones. It’s been moons since there has been this much excitement here! I must be careful to not upsetedlylike these funny walking ones, but they are so perplexedly fixated on the artpiece. Mayhappedly these walking ones are friendlylike? She thinks to herself while holding the form of the late warlikely one Seline. They suddenlylike set the artpiece down and turn it around. ‘Perhapsedly I will leave now!’ she thinks to herself as she leaves the painting. At this time, she realizes the holylike walking one had spottedly her, ‘I must not be discoveredly yet!’. Quicklylike I retreat through one of the brokeny beams in the roof. The devout one rushedlylike runs outsides but cannot see myselfs.

Later on, the walking ones play a new game. Tryhapsedlylike to find me, they set a trap, and make an illusiony! Canceledly I disappear the illusiony, but I can’t containy my laughs. Seekingly, they search for me, and the holylike walking one perceives me againy. How perceptiony this one is! Out of the corner of my eyes, I am able to see one of the walking ones set downy a large dinner atop the remains of a wooded one. Laughedly I take the dinner and eat. Mmm, so good! The walking ones food is delectablylike filling and tastylike! The walking one who set the food down, I must introduce myself. R
estedlylike I stand on this one’s shoulder. This one is terriblylike kindlylike and pats me gentlylike. ‘I supposedly assume these walking ones are good naturedly!’ I curtsy to this walking one looking at me, but the other walking ones approach, so I carefullylike leave.

Questionlylike I discerny a means to repay the friendlylike walking one. His pet, a scaly one, is in gravelylike danger! The fiendishlylike dragony one sears allones with thermal powers. Illusionys are amazinglylike easy means to save the scaly one. Concentratingly, I envisiony a second scaly one, and rushedly collect the scaly one, safedly taking him away from the thermal powers. Relaxinglylike, I ensure the scaly one is safe, and returny to the combats. The walking ones succeedly defeat the fiendishlylike dragony one. I must returny the scaly one to the friendlylike walking one, but how? Ponderinglylike, I maintainy sight of the heroiclike walking ones. Later, the friendlylike walking one sets dinner once more on the wooded one’s corpse. Ravenouslylike, I eat the delicious food, and have an idea! I cany move the scaly one to the wooded one, and they can carelikedly tendly to him! I finish the luscious dinner quicklylike and go back to retrieve the scaly one, placing him on the old wooded one. Sighingly and happylike, I watch as the friendlylike walking one scouts and finds the scaly one.

‘These ones are quite interestingly, perhapsedly I can learny more from them!’

Post 4 - A Ranger's Musings

A most unusual day this had been. The note arrived this morning sealed and strung to a bird which flew happily to the roof, pecking to signal its arrival; the typical messenger of the Circle. The unusual part was that they had a contingency plan for the creature. ‘What sort of contingency plan would be made available if a beast that powerful was let loose?’ I thought to myself, while reading the letter disapprovingly. ‘A group will aid you in your plight.’ Another cryptic statement. Surely they cannot hope to send a small party of rangers to best it… It’s not like this is a run of the mill type of creature that has settled here. At this point, I grew too disgusted to read through the rest of the letter and set it down on my sturdy desk. I waste no time letting the bird know it should return to its master without a reply and proceed to brew some tea. ‘If it were just the dragon, it wouldn’t be so bad. The overgrown nature that runs rampant in the ruined village obscures other threats as well. It’s not something I can deftly handle as I could in my youth. Testing some of my favorite tea helps ease my mind as I try to put the issues at hand out of mind. ‘What really can I do? I suppose I’ll have to wait for aid from the Circle.’ Suddenly I hear a knock. I know full well the location of the strangely dressed folks that had settled the town, they were clearly interested in the beast, but knew not of my existence here. After checking the window, I realize I’m in for another surprise. That girl had returned already, and with others. ‘What in seven hells is she thinking? It’s not been a month since she left, and she already feels as though she’s able?’ I furrow my brow in frustration and open the door, inviting the lot in and remind her that she is not ready to face the dangers which surround us, only to find out she already has. They had tried to contest with that beast. I found the fact that they stood before me afterwards incomprehensible. They did not slay the creature, yet they live? What is it that the creature wants? It’s certainly of the murderous type, I’m well aware of what happened to the creatures that had taken residence there. What are the beast’s motives? I could only turn to contemplation for the rest of the day. After all, this shabby group of people have called themselves adventurers and set foot in the village to rid it of its dangerous denizens. Perhaps I can take a day off and leave it to them while I meditate on my thoughts. Apparently even this luxury would prove unattainable – they returned not 10 minutes later with outrageous wounds. I guess I’ll let them stay here to recover. It’s their lives after all, if they want to waste them, they’re perfectly capable of making that decision for themselves. I just wish that girl were a bit more reasonable, like the rest of her race. What drives that foolhardiness? The cautionless ambition? The thirst for fame? It’s as if she thinks everyday is her last… a quite unsettling frame of mind if you ask me. I glance over at them resting and can’t help but chuckle. ’They’re just like you and I Daran.’

Post 3 - Togra the Troll's Tax

A thud sounds as I set my new, mostly-devoured victim next to the remains of previous satisfactory meals. I can’t help but turn my eyes to the prized haul only a few yards away from the pile of corpses. The Many Arrows tribe I had been working with paid a reasonable amount of coin and food for my service. While picking up the body to continue my snack, I couldn’t help but ponder that day. It was only about a week or so into service of the orcs when suddenly the horn had been sounded. I knew it meant trouble, and immediately set out of my home to their camp. I was able to see the previous commander fall, and with that the tribe’s complete defeat. It didn’t take too long to figure out why, this group of trespassers were rather powerful, and even surprised me with the amount of pain they could cause. ‘To think they offered me a meal and payment after fighting with me! It must truly have been my lucky day.’ Voraciously, I pick apart the meat to savor every bite, finishing the legs off. ‘Most people try to kill me, it’s surprising to meet some that are willing to pay Togra’s Tax’ he thinks to himself as he finishes the rest of what was a middle aged female human. I let out a hearty laugh, after getting my fill and exclaim “They always pay Togra the troll’s tax!” Finally feeling satisfied for the first time in days since the battle, I grab my new coin chest and set out.

Post 2 - Zaekai goes to Neverwinter

He samples some of the fine wine that the barmaid brought moments ago, lost in thought. The kind of carefree, laid-back look on his face gave it away to the other elf sitting next to him. “You’re really not going to at least wish her well?” he asks of the elf who is still entranced by his thoughts. The sentence shakes him after a moment, and he looks over to his comrade. “It’s not like she will be gone that long Larion, your thoughts are ill-placed as usual” he says in a blank, unsympathetic tone. “But Lord, it was plain that she sought your attention at least. This expedition means a lot to her you know.” The elf sets down his drink and sternly replies. “Can you cease calling me Lord? It’s a title I’d like to hear as little as possible, it’s so troublesome. I’m on vacation now anyway.” Larion smiles at the elf, "Your feelings betray you, your greatness. The other elf lets out a long sigh “I’m sure she’ll come back safely. Her ambition is too great to face defeat on that man Reidoth’s quest. She places too much burden on herself acquiescing to the will of others.” Larion frowns and looks down at his own breakfast. “She’s still quite young you know. She sees Reidoth as a sort of idol. Besides, she needs to learn caution and he is teaching her that through this quest, do you not agree?” The other elf nods, “You’re very wise, I’m fortunate to be in your care.” Larion laughs loudly, “What do you mean ‘in your care’? I am the one in your care milord.” The other elf groans, “There you go again, insisting on that troublesome title.” Gwen chimes in quite happily, “Come now, as a knight and cleric in service to Corellon, your deeds are quite noble and are heard in Neverwinter. You can’t deny your reputation.” The elf shakes his head and finishes his drink, “You two simply won’t let me take a break it seems.” He exits the inn where they had played their instruments only yesterday. Larion paces behind him, “Zaekai, where are you going? I hope our banter didn’t truly upset you.” Zaekai pats Larion’s shoulder, “Of course not, I just wanted some fresh air.” Zaekai stares at the sky before mounting a white steed that Gwen had brought from the inn’s stable. “It’s a much better day. I’m sure Airl will be fine.” Gwen and Larion nod approvingly, grinning widely as they prepare to depart toward Neverwinter.

Post 1 - Air's Introduction

Even the sky does not afford her any comfort.

Z always says that there’s boundless happiness up there, beyond the clouds. Today, it just feels like the clouds are covering the sun, the melancholy weather only working to worsen my mood. I let a long sigh out. ‘Why does Reidoth think of me as a child still? I’ve accomplished so much these past 10 years. I’ve aided him in protecting that which surrounds us – I’ve become more in tune with the natural world. I have learned to channel fantastic powers through Corellon. Am I actually worthless in his eyes? How will I become someone memorable and famous if I can’t even convince him of my strength?’ The questions began to flow much like a river from my heart to my head, and my normally positive outlook on Reidoth and what I had achieved began to twist. Some new tears roll down my already damp cheeks as I continue along the forest path. Struggling to regain control of my emotions, my hand happens across my pan flute, and I instintively grip it. ‘Really, if it weren’t for G and the fantastic stories she tells during our after-concert revelries, I likely would have lost hope long ago. Thinking of those two and playing music always helps me.’ A smile breaks through my otherwise dismal demeanor, and I look once more unto the sky. ‘I can’t wait to play with them once more! I’m almost at Phandalin after all. Perhaps something good is happening in the world as we speak! Maybe I can find some able and willing souls to help me… I must retain this hope. It’s all I have left really… may Tymora follow us and Corellon watch over us.


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