Faerun was its name. A vast continent, enriched by an array of countrysides, mountainous ranges, deserts and much more undiscovered by the diverse population that calls it home. Much has threatened the land over the millenia, and the years have seen the land change shape. Many have yearned to shield the land over the millenia, and the years have seen the land prosper and grow. History, is not a useless lesson. The knowledge, cherished and esteemed, may guide the future civilizations, and prepare them for the inevitable. After all, History will repeat itself, won’t it?

The elemental kin and the dragon kind may yet rise once more, but steadfast our heroes stand. For now, until the end of days. So go! Live a life you were meant to live, and rise to the challenge yet untold.

“We were all drawn to the game because it allowed us to become these characters, vastly different in appearance and in actions, but what kept us hooked was the search for the character that represented our higher self. Playing D&D was a training ground for our imaginations and an opportunity to explore our own identities.” – Vin Diesel on DND

DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

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