DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post 19 - Entropic Embers | Evincible Enigma

Like a blur, the vengeful elemental of Air appeared in front of me… two of her wind-formed blades in hand. In an instant, the cold wind pulsing through the blade cut through my flesh, draining the last of my strength. I fell to the frozen ground at my feet, certain of my defeat, hopeful that I would be saved as I have in the past by those I consider my allies and friends. Why should I be though? Sometimes I think perhaps I’m just a bother to them, basking in their glory without earning it for myself. I refuse to give up though… my goals can only be met with this conviction. My desires must not be my undoing, they must be my fuel.

It was then that I first identified another, arguably more potent fuel near me. The strange goo in a jar rolled towards Auria and I. I couldn’t speak of course… I lay there as my life flashed before my eyes. Now I knew my fate; I was to be burned, along with the elemental. Balasar’s divination would prove to be true, with my life as forfeit. Salazar’s beam of fire, aimed directly at the goo, sealed my fate. The fire’s eruption was not the last light that I saw, however.

At first, I was both disturbed and confused by the image unfolding before me. The eruption that engulfed me like an inferno had taken the shape of a writhing mass of fiery tendrils. The figure, turned what appeared to be one of its heads towards me. It was then that I felt the unfathomable wave of terror take control of my senses. The tendrils wound out from the figure, creeping towards me, yet I could not move or resist. With its caress came unspeakable pain, a kind I had never felt before. It was as if lava was molding itself onto my skin… tearing apart my flesh, skin and face. The tendrils of fire paused for a moment, as if savoring the moment, before burrowing into me.

The sound of cymbals, clanging inside my head, was the last sensation I had, before I left the world.



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