Ethan Stormwind

A spell-slinging, sword wielding Noble who is kind of heart.


Fighter, Eldritch Knight


Ethan Stormwind is a Knight—the lowest noble rank—in his family. The youngest of eight siblings, Ethan was an unplanned child by his father and mother, Fodel and Kendra Windrivver. For all of his family’s history, Fodel has maintained a lineage of seven children that were perfectly groomed, raised, and trained to fulfill dutiful roles to bolster the reputation and strength of the family, and in time, the kingdom they reside in.

Kendra slowly grew less and less beautiful over the years, having birthed seven children over three decades. When she realized she was pregnant with an eighth child, she informed Fodel, albeit with a little fear. With almost no regard for his wife, he suggested that the child be disposed of after its birth. Horrified at her husband’s words, Kendra insisted the child be kept to bolster the family, despite the ancient code of seven they have persisted by for centuries.

After his birth, Ethan was forced into being a squire to his next eldest brother, Anton, per Fodel’s orders. Not long after his birth, Kendra passed away. In turn, Fodel’s dislike for his youngest son turned to hate.

Taking pity on his brother, Anton began secretly training Ethan to become a knight; Anton himself was often on the receiving end of insults and disrespect, being lowest on the family ladder; having been forced into being a knight, he was jealous of his older brothers, who had become ambassadors, politicians, and merchants. One day, it was said, Anton would lead the family’s forces in battle to the service of the political nobility of the kingdom that Family Windrivver resides in.

Anton and Ethan’s training continued until Ethan was eighteen. Not long after, his family was called upon to aid the kingdom in war and Anton was shipped off, leaving Ethan to fend for himself. His other siblings, though his blood, wished to retain the favor of their father, and often treated him as they had been instructed to, like the un-necessity that he was.

Ethan continued his training in secret. After being wowed by a group of traveling Halfling performers who utilized magic in their talents, he began reading books in the family library to understand the concept and execution of magic. Ever since, he’s been trying to incorporate more offensive and defensive magic into his combat, but he has had little success.

When Ethan was twenty-one years of age, his father, having paid him so very little attention over the last two decades, discovered his unwanted sons talents and the sickening hatred he had for his son grew tenfold. Now a withered old man whose grasp on power was slipping, Fodel summoned Ethan to his offices and struck out at Ethan, disowning him. Ethan, a far more capable warrior than his father, survived the encounter and left Fodel with a terrible scar.

Knowing his family had been conditioned to hate and ignore him, Ethan restrained his father and opened the Windrivver Tome, a massive record book that Fodel often tended to. Within, Ethan discovered that he was, in fact, not the eighth child, but the fourteenth, and that his deceased siblings were considered offerings to the family’s worshipped deity, Shinare, goddess of wealth and trade. Upon confronting Fodel with this information, Fodel confessed to murdering his children as they were born. Kendra fought like hell to keep her children alive, but was forced to adhere to Fodel’s ridiculous code.

Disgusted with his family and their rules, Ethan left in the night, leaving Fodel unconscious, but alive, in his bed. To avoid any pursuer’s, Ethan took the name Stormwind, representing the fury within him while still holding onto a semblance of his noble station.

Years later, he found that Anton had been killed during his duties for his family but had left a will to Ethan. Included in that will was his armor and weapons he used as a knight, Anton’s horse, Westra, and his three retainers: Geth the Squire, Lander the Smith, and Miri the Messenger. It didn’t take long for Ethan to forge bonds with his retainers, for they appreciated the respect he gave them, much in the same way Anton had treated them.
Ever since, Ethan has become a wanderer, hoping to return to his family after a number of years with the knowledge and strength to lead them onto a more noble, and proper, path.

Ethan Stormwind

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