DND CATS - Heroes of Faerun

Post Session 35 - Mt. Castryl's Secret

“Mama, you’re home!” her little girl yells, struggling to break free from the elderly caretaker’s grasp. The caretaker, having noticed that her mother had returned, lets the child go and grins as she runs towards her mother, “She’s quite energetic, the tides have blessed you, Coralla”. Coralla laughs as she picks up her daughter, “Sashelas bless us, that moments like these still exist Faewynn. What can I do to repay your kindness?” Faewynn waves her gesture away with her palm, “Nonsense you speak, you know I would do anything within my power for our people, you know it well. What news of the Mt. Castryl, how is your work?” The joyous demeanor slowly fades Coralla’s face as she organizes her reply, “… I believe they’ve found a deposit of fine stone.” Faewynn gasps in surprise at this, suddenly wearing a troubled expression. “Surely it could not be bounty from the Great Surge that they seek? Do they demand the stone?” Coralla shakes her head, while patting her daughter’s head, “I know not their desires, we are merely asked to clear rock for them after all…” Faewynn nods slowly in understanding, leaving a moment for Coralla’s daughter to interject.

“Mama, where’s daddy?” Coralla maintains her exposure, despite faltering a moment at what should have been an easy question. “He’s helping the men that protect our borders, Shamea.” Shamea grows excited and wears a frown, clearing her throat before continuing, “Mama, daddy’s been gone for years though. I want to see him…” Coralla tears, swept by the currents that surround them, are invisible to Shamea. “As do I darling. He’ll be home soon, I’m sure of it” she replies adamantly, hardening her visage for the sake of her wavering daughter. Shamea’s smile returns as she notices some of her friends, and she pushes against her mother’s arms. Coralla releases her daughter who goes to play with them, pausing before turning back to Faewynn who speaks before her with a warm . “Easy child. You’ve a harder task than many others, and I know it. If there’s anything I can do for you, ask. Keep the strength to smile, for if you continue on, good things will surely come.” Although invisible, Faewynn knew well enough that Coralla’s tears had begun to freely flow. Embracing the troubled young one, she does all she can to reassure her and return her good spirit. With restored determination, Coralla finally replies. “I’ll come back soon, I must continue work now.” Faewynn nods, watching as her younger clanmate swims back to the island’s surface, far far above them.


Can’t believe it’s been over a year since this…


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